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Midnight Musings - Birth of a Blog

Seeking to share only curated moments of perfection is a perfectly "normal" practice in the music business (which extends to all depths of society). But this year I vow to record and share more of the music that heals, speaks to, and excites my soul.

It's easy to be hyper-critical, believing that nothing is ever "good enough" to share. Putting your personal "stamp of approval" on a video or image can feel like you've lit a neon sign around your face, broadcasting the writing "Target Practice: Here." But in reality, life isn't perfect. We are not perfect. Art can't (and shouldn't) be perfect.

My favorite artists all have their own "-isms." Unique quirks. Dispositions. Personalities. Strengths. Charisma. Tool belt of vocal colors. Whatever the reason, I'm compelled to immerse myself in their music-making. Some singers I look to for a lesson in vocal technique, others in decorum. And some I observe to be stunned by the unexpected.

This life chose me and I chose it. Perhaps it's irreverent to call it my "purpose in life," as I believe we all have more than one single reason for existing. But I'm grateful that every single day I have the health and support to spend time growing. Growing as an artist. In my personal beliefs. As a daughter. Loving partner. Faraway friend. Indoor Aerogarden herb gardener!

Basically, what I want to say is that my New Year's Resolution is to share the moments which bring me joy, and I hope they remind you of how perfectly imperfect we all are.

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